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Echo Collective plays 'Amnesiac' (Radiohead)


Clash Music - Echo Collective's Take On 'I Might Be Wrong' Is Truly Stunning


"'Echo Collective Plays Amnesiac' is out on March 30th, with Clash able to premiere their daring re-working of fan favourite 'I Might Be Wrong'.

Still a staple of Radiohead's live sets, it is re-cast as a piece of minimalist post-classical composition in this radical new rendering." - Robin Murray



Pop Matters - 9/10 - Echo Collective Pays a Glorious Homage to Radiohead's 'Amnesiac'


"Covering seminal tracks from a legendary band isn't new, but reinterpreting an entire album is a bold move for any act. Echo Collective Plays Amnesiac originated from an extended concert residency at the Ancienne Belgique concert hall, and it begs the primary question of "why?" What can we learn from reinterpreting an entire album, translating an entire record's aesthetic from a forward-thinking rock band to a classical chamber ensemble? Gratefully, it's an experiment in textures and translations that exceeds expectations. Echo Collective expose the songs from Amnesiac for the complex musical gems they are, as well as reflect their versatility and virtuosity as a tight, progressive instrumental ensemble." - Andy Jurik





"Echo Collective Plays Amnesiac is a stunning experimental album. There have been similar albums in the past, but where this stands out is in the incredibly stunning arrangements of these songs. I like the fact they have tackled Radiohead this time around and I look forward to future works from this talented band." -



Dansende Beren - 4 stars - Inventief eerbetoon aan Radiohead


"Every moment has been scrutinized, the dynamics have been enriched and the textures have been adjusted. The purely acoustic instrumentation (consisting of piano, drums and a collection of string and wind instruments) immediately gives an imposing and more majestic sound compared to Radiohead's semi-electronic arrangements." - Jan Kurvers (google translate)


A Closer Listen - Echo Collective ~ Echo Collective Plays Amnesiac


"All too often, and for myriad reasons, we wish for an instrumental version of an album.  This one has come through.  Similar enough to be respectful and different enough to be original, Echo Collective Plays Amnesiac makes an impact all its own." - Richard Allen




DeMorgen - 4/5 stars - Echo Collective plays Amnesiac: een Radiokopstoot van jewelste


"'Hunting Bears - Like Spinning Plates' is possibly one of the most beautiful revisions on this album. That first song turned out to be in the hands of Thom Yorke and co as a fairly ascetic guitar song, but Echo Collective features delicate harp, dramatic strings, elegiac piano and crystal-colored reverb. 'Like Spinning Plates' in turn gets a gloomy horn section. As one elongated composition this tour de force counts as a highlight on this album." - Gunter Van Assche (google translation)


Indiepoprock - 8/10 - Echo Collective plays 'Amnesiac'


"Congratulations to Echo Collective for this extra beauty granted to a work already terribly grandiloquent..." - John D. (google translation)


Echoes and Dust - Review: Echo Collective plays 'Amnesiac'


"Ultimately, it’s a record that feels right.  It’s right that – once again – a quintessentially album-based band has an (almost) entire album covered in one go.  It feels right that the ideas explored in a fairly challenging album are picked apart and reworked.  And yes, it even feels right that it’s sometimes a bit fiddly to initially get to grips with.  All this makes Echo Collective’s version of Amnesiac an ideal companion piece for Radiohead’s original; strange and beautiful in different ways and at different times, but equally compelling." - Si Forster


Oor - Review: Echo Collective plays 'Amnesiac'


"Echo Collective is reminiscent of the early Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung and shows nicely how melodically rich Amnesiac actually is." - John Denekamp (google translate)


Platten Tests - 7/10 - Review: Echo Collective plays 'Amnesiac'


"Those who have not managed to fall in love with the band's belated early Oxford album should try this interpretation of the Echo Collective, as it is more accessible, but no less beautiful. Everyone else is invited to fall in love again." - Christopher Padraig (google translate)