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Founded by Neil Leiter and Margaret Hermant, Echo Collective is a diverse group of classically trained musicians based in Brussels, Belgium. In addition to its own compositions and projects, the group collaborates with modern composers and bands on concerts, tours, film scores, recording sessions, and original compositions.

Past and ongoing collaborations include A Winged Victory for the Sullen, Johann Johannsson, Joep Beving, Stars of the Lid, Erasure, Daniel O'Sullivan, Adam Wiltzie, Dustin O'Halloran, Christina Vantzou, MAPS, Michel Bisceglia, and James Heather.

Echo Collective's new EP highlighting the musical history and connection between founders Neil and Margaret 'Mirror Image', is out now on Naive Records. 
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Upcoming Dates

Novembver 17, 2024 - Wroclaw PL - Ambientalny Festival -  Echo Collecrtive plays 'Mirror Image
November 23, 2024 - Brussels BE - Botanique - Ars Musica Festival - Echo Collective plays 'Mirror Image'

December 8, 2024 - Budapest HU - MUPA - Echo Collective plays 'Mirror Image' and Johann Johannsson '12 Conversations'


Support for 'Mirror Image'

'Echo Collective Redefines Classical Music with their Last Album, “Mirror Image” - Kaltblut Magazine


'Echo Collective's "Dante" is a transformative experience' - Earmilk


'Echo Collective Reshapes the Art of Sound in Post-Classical EP, “Mirror Image” - Too Much Love

'“Mirror Image” is a stunning display of the talent and creativity of Echo Collective, who refuse to be pigeonholed in artistic terms, and instead, solidify their work as pioneers of contemporary classical music.' - Mundane Magazine



'Through pioneering technology and experimentation with classical instruments like the violin and the piano, Echo Collective has crafted an EP that is incredibly rich in textures, layers, and sounds...Mirror Image is the perfect example of contemporary, experimental classical music made by prodigious musicians who aim to expand the boundaries of music-making.' - Metal Magazine


'The ensemble's latest masterpiece, Mirror Image, delves into the realms of contemporary and experimental classical music. As I immersed myself in Echo Collective's Mirror Image I was transported into a vast soundscape filled with sweeping cinematic moments and enthralling instrumentalization that opened up to deeply intimate moments between one and the dramatic strings that tend to take up much of the spotlight.' - Rival Magazine


'Exploring contemporary, experimental classical music, Mirror Image offers gorgeous, hypnotically enveloping soundscapes.' - V13


'On Mirror Image, Echo Collective showcase their experimental ambient sound at its best. It’s a beautiful, distinctive piece of work, and its penchant for the surreal sets it apart from the majority of neo-classical work out there.' - Fault Magazine

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