Echo Collective plays 'Amnesiac' (Radiohead)

Admittance is free of charge but seats are limited, so please register your tickets on time!


The following is quoted directly from the AB website:


"Classically" schooled ensemble Echo Collective has notched up a great track record in a relatively short period of time. They toured the world as ‘backing band’ to neo-classical band A Winged Victory For The Sullen and, lo and behold, they actually appear with Stars of The Lid on the bill of London’s famous Barbican later this year.


They even recently appeared on stage at AB as string ensemble with Blixa Bargeld (Einstürzende Neubauten), who had noted that he thought the ensemble was fantastic. At the request of AB, Echo Collective also reworked Burzum’s concept album ‘Dauði Baldrs’: one of the two dark, ambient albums recorded by Norwegian black metal legend Varg Vikernes during his more than 15 year long prison term. Focus Knack even described this as ‘een majestueus concert’.


Basically: enough credentials to perpetuate the musical marriage between AB and Echo Collective. We do that in the form of a concert residence whereby this ensemble will perform no less than four times at AB this concert season, in Huis 23, with as climax: a grande finale during our brand new indoor spring festival BRDCST.


Echo Collective received homework though: rework Radiohead’s ‘Amnesiac’ as if it were a classical masterpiece. ‘Amnesiac’ is Radiohead’s 5th album, dating from ’01 and considered to be the musical younger brother of ‘Kid A’ – one of Radiohead’s most controversial albums.


So consider this concert residence as a unique opportunity for the audience to experience the development of this commissioned piece firsthand, prior to its presentation to a larger audience.  For the Echo Collective it will also be an equally unique opportunity to share their work in progress and at the same time try out new compositions and classical repertoire.  Thom Yorke, you’ll come too won’t you?"